Another scandalous Hollywood rape lawsuit withdrawn

You remember Michael Egan, right? He’s the man who as an underaged male claims he was (statutorily) raped by some big time Hollywood producers and directors.

I had a lot of questions about this lawsuit, one of which was statutory limitations, i.e., hadn’t the time for a lawsuit run way out?

Well, he withdrew one of his lawsuits (against David Newman) and now he’s withdrawn another: Michael Egan Was Suing Garth Ancier for Statutory Rape –

To me this reads like really sloppy legal work. No lawyer should be filing a lawsuit without pre-determining its justification by carefully and thoroughly reviewing what there is of evidence. Even though this withdrawal is, as the Times reports, “’without prejudice,’” meaning that the claims of statutory rape and other abuse could be refiled,” that’s maybe just a face-saving grace note.

I don’t even have a “withdraw lawsuit without prejudice” stage in my “Lawyer’s POV” list!

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