ANOTHER wine litigation story

How many wine litigation stories can there be in this world?

Here, here, here, here…And now here: Hill Wine Company, a Criminal Case and Intrigue in Napa Valley – Here’s the opening sip:

When you buy a bottle of Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon, you trust that the bottle is filled with wine actually made from cabernet sauvignon grapes that were grown in the heart of California’s wine country.

The strange tale of Jeffry James Hill might make you question that faith.

The better question is: what does it mean in our society when there are so many wine litigation stories, some of them morphing into criminal charges? That’s a rhetorical question better asked of a anthropologist or sociologist. Or a richologist.

Oh, me? I buy wine by focusing (1) on a country, (2) on the label (I like creative labels) and (3) on the price: low.


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