Anything. But. Him

I just jumped up to turn my TV from Chuck Todd’s “breaking news” which went to the White House to hear Trump say something about whatever. The wall, the shutdown…

No, no, no, no. Anything but him. I can’t listen to it anymore because he’s not there. I do understand that news media must treat Trump in a weird kind of as-if-ness. As if he is a genuine president. But he isn’t. He’s always incoherent, always stupid. He can’t be seriously listened to.

So I’m on my TV’s ’70s music station.

Meanwhile, what did happen on Nicolle Wallace’s 4 pm MSNBC program was…radical. She, Frank Figluzzi and Chuck Rosenberg were talking about Russia and Trump, and what they were saying was stunning — especially because both Figluzzi and Rosenberg speak quietly and reasonably.

I don’t know if you can get it now but give it a try. It’ll stop your heart. Temporarily. I mean, I hope temporarily. Then, after your heart starts beating again, faster, you’ll sit down for a few minutes and absorb it.

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