Are the Russians meddling in your state’s voting mechanisms?

Given what the Senate Intelligence Committee has just reported, we need to be anxious — a relatively low-key word — about how our votes are counted.

My anxiety caused me to ask Ciara Torres-Spelliscy, a law professor and noted expert in democracy, if anyone has compiled a list of all the states and each state’s voting procedures. Given that the Senate report stated the Russians had targeted and possibly entered all the fifty states’ electoral records, and were capable of changing votes.

Professor Torres-Spelliscy handed me exactly what I asked for, and, generous as always, I hand it to you.

You might wish to check on your state’s situation and if it doesn’t satisfy — especially with regard to producing paper ballots for election verification and recounts — get to your state government officials and kvetch. Loudly. Insist on your right to have your vote counted and protected.

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