Are we facing a Big Pharma competition?

I don’t mean that seriously. The drug companies themselves are unlikely to be spending tons of money on TV ads, telling us “Ask your doctor if [blank vaccine] is right for you.”

What I wonder, though, will we Pfizer shotees get all passive aggressive with our Moderna shotee pals? And now that trucks bearing Johnson & Johnson vaccines are rolling into cities all of the US, will we get more creative in our braggadocio? And what will we do when Merck helps J&J make the vaccine?

Forced to accommodate a hole-y trilogy, will some of us go all uppity over which brand we received?

The lobe of my brain governing imagination is producing some dialogues, like “Oh, I’m sorry. Shouldn’t have mentioned my Pfizer when all you had was…”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll be fine with the…which vaccine did you get?”

“Would you be offended if I didn’t get closer to you than, oh, 12 feet, because I’m iffy about that brand shot you got?”

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