Are you scared of the Evil Eye? I’m going to soothe you

I refer back to the notion that if you rejoice in good news, the Evil Eye will hear you (not sure how that works) and make everything go bad.

A lot of you do not like hearing any news about polls which show Biden leading Trump. I can feel your reaction, can see you putting your hands over your ears (or your eyes, not sure how this works) and yelling “Poo poo poo!”

So, let me give you polls for states which Trump will undoubtedly win. This will make you worriers feel much, much better.

Nebraska: Trump is up 16.4

Indiana: +10

Kansas: +10.7

Kentucky: +18

Mississippi: +10

North Dakota: +17 (as of March 2020; nobody’s even doing polls in ND)

Oklahoma: +19 (as of June)

Tennessee: +11.5

West Virginia: +35 (as of January)

I’ll make a bold statement: Trump will get at least these 66 electoral college votes.

As to the rest of the states, well, you don’t want to know. (Poo poo poo.)

Feel better now? Good.



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