Are you wondering about the onslaught of Balance of Nature TV ads?

Oh gee, here it comes! Balance of Nature with what seems like an endless campaign to convince me, through “real people” on-camera testimonials, how their stuff will upgrade my life and health.

What do those “real people” say? You don’t have to listen carefully to realize the proclaimed “proof” about the wonders of the thing contain At all.

If you wondered why, right now, Balance of Nature is throwing so many pill bottles at us…well, I didn’t wonder. Because I knew that the company had attracted an investigation by the FDA* and had been ordered to stop selling supplements with a major list of phony claims.

Balance of Nature’s ‘whole food’ capsules are advertised to imply they cure serious diseases, including diabetes, cancer, and multiple sclerosis. Following false advertising suits and repeated failures to comply with the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act, Balance of Nature has been ordered to stop production and sales until they come into compliance with FDA regulations.

In a news release, the FDA asserts that Balance of Nature’s products are marketed and labeled in a way that renders them “unapproved new drugs and misbranded drugs.” Further, because Evig LLC never established ingredient and finished product standards for “identity, purity, strength, and composition” that would ensure each capsule contained what the packaging and ads claimed and nothing else, Balance of Nature products are also considered “adulterated dietary supplements.”

The permanent injunction provides Balance of Nature a pathway to resume operations, but it may be the final blow for the brand, which has a history fraught with lawsuits, warnings, and failures to comply with regulations and requirements. [My emphasis.]

So this mind-boggling ad tsunami may well be the death knell of Balance of Nature which, it would seem, is trying to sell its stock before going out of business.

Many years ago, when I was doing daily yoga stretches, I bought an illustrated book which instructed readers how to do a ton of positions. The positions were demonstrated by an old yogi with a wiry, wizened body, wearing a big beard and a fairly skimpy dhoti.

But the most startling aspect of the book was the list under each pose stating the physical problems that pose could remedy. The one I recall most vividly is leprosy.

OK, so, we’re not rushing out to spend our hard-earned money on Balance of Nature products, are we? (Let me hear a loud, “NO WE’RE NOT!”)

Let’s categorize this as “Capitalism” and call it quits.

*The Federal Drug Administration is protective agency within our government’s administrative state.

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