Around the world with COVID-19 (What day is it?)

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

The Chilean health minister said that the country’s count of patients who are “no longer contagious” includes “the people who have completed 14 days of diagnosis or who unfortunately have passed away.”

A pregnant woman in Georgia hijacked a CBS News van. [Note: not clear this incident is related to COVID-19 but it sure seems like it.]

…Florida governor Ron DeSantis classified live professional wrestling as an essential service because content-deprived home viewers are “watching, like, reruns from the early 2000s.”

The next two items qualify as Sneaking Around To Do Evil Under the COVID Cloak:

Managers of hedge funds, which are designed to employ as few people as possible so traders don’t have to share fees, claimed coronavirus bailouts as small businesses…

The Environmental Protection Agency rolled back restrictions on power plants’ release of toxic materials including mercury, a heavy metal linked to brain damage.

Mountain goats roamed through a town in Wales, whales swam into Mediterranean shipping lanes, and sea turtles strolled on empty Brazilian beaches.

In India, a police officer’s hand was chopped off with a sword while he was trying to enforce lockdown measures at a traffic barricade.

A zoo director in Germany said that if the zoo’s coronavirus-related financial strains continue, its animals would have to be fed to one another.

Online searches for “what day is it” spiked.

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