Assorted mishegas around the world: GOP, DWI, storm drains, cows, archangels and stuff

Wow, Harper’s Weekly Review collected quite a bunch of nutty doings:

GOP Reps Have Ideas About Governance

[A] Texas Republican proposed requiring that all foods containing material from aborted fetuses be “clearly and conspicuously labeled.”

[T]he Colorado representative and QAnon adherent Lauren Boebert said that conspiracy theorists should not be allowed on House panels.

Dangerous Storm Drains That Reach Up and Grab You and…

A Florida woman was pulled from a storm drain for the third time in just over two years…

Drunk Tank

[A] Michigan resident who had been called to help a friend stopped for drunk driving was arrested for drunk driving. A Canadian woman who, while driving home drunk from a Marilyn Manson show, crashed into a house, causing an explosion that resulted in an estimated $15 million in damage, sued the company that held the concert and served her alcohol.

Cows and Bovines

While sentencing a man to life imprisonment for illegally transporting a cow for slaughter, an Indian court claimed that houses made of cow dung are unaffected by atomic radiation. In the United Kingdom, an inquest revealed details of the death of a man who had been trampled by bovines during a lunchtime walk…

Revenge of the SuperAngel

A man who robbed a statue of St. Michael from a church tripped and was stabbed by the archangel’s sword.

Miscellaneous Nut Fare

[I]t was revealed that two New York City investigators responsible for finding sick-leave abuse at Rikers Island were placed under investigation for sick-leave abuse. A survey found that only 55 percent of people can confidently locate their rectum. “It definitely took up, like, half the day,” said a U.S. State Department official of discussion about switching preferred fonts from Times New Roman to Calibri.

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