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Facing into radical climate change, I make alternate plans

The warnings were clear. Indeed, they were written in neon red: “Thunder storms, hail storms and possible tornadoes!” The weather warning then suggested if I were going out today, “make alternate plans.” First, I must tell you I do not … Continue reading

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We’re outraged at SCOTUS now. What will we do when they demolish NYS gun control laws?

Alito’s draft Roe opinion has us marching, yelling, protesting. Yes. In the back of my rage against the SCOTUS machine, I had a nagging small thought. Yesterday, after the soul-shattering racist mass murder in Buffalo, the thought became larger. And … Continue reading

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More about “concierge” medicine with a jolt from my sister, Doctor Deb

In response to my post yesterday (“I lost my MD”), my sister, a nephrologist (the kidneys), commented. Her take is not as empathetic about physicians as I’ve been. Her comment is so great, I’m posting it here, as well, and … Continue reading

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