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Where have all the memes gone? Short time passin’

It has just occurred to me I’ve forgotten what a “meme” is. And the reason I’ve forgotten? How long has it been since you saw the word “meme” or an example of one of ’em used on social or anti-social … Continue reading

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Scene from my life: The Blue Wall of Silence

In yesterday’s Times, Timothy Egan published an opinion piece, “The Blue Wall of Silence Is Starting To Crack.” Although he’s correct to describe the number of policemen who testified for the prosecution against Derek Chauvin as a crack in the … Continue reading

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“Hey, I’m trying to run a giant Ponzi scheme here! Don’t screw it up.”

I paid very little attention to Bernie Madoff’s death, just as I paid no attention to Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. I’m not wealthy and I have never trusted “financial advisors’” advice. But, as always, Kevin Underhill (LoweringTheBar) comes up, uh, … Continue reading

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