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Two current TV commercials that are bugging me a lot

Both are posing as “public service” announcements. Neither is, not truly. And neither clearly identifies the promoter/producer of the ad but it’s my guess PACs stoked with dark money are paying for them. One commercial starts with a man who … Continue reading

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Animal news: Don’t blame Big Bird for the list the U.S. just made

From Harper’s Weekly Report: The Conservative Political Action Conference forbade the Sesame Street characters Elmo, Big Bird, and Bert and Ernie from attending the conference in February in response to a Twitter announcement about Big Bird’s vaccination status. For the … Continue reading

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The magic in mushrooms

I buy mushrooms on a regular basis and I eat them, in salad, in sauce. But I’ve never tried magic mushrooms. From Harper’s Weekly Report: The largest-ever trial of the benefits of psilocybin showed that the psychoactive compound was highly … Continue reading

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