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Animal news! NYC is coming back to life and work

On the way to meet a friend for lunch, I saw two men walking dogs. OK, you say, so what? Here’s the what: between the two of them, they were handling twenty or more dogs. The dog pack was remarkably … Continue reading

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Scenes from my life: Goodbye to the World

After a year of radical change, we face an uncertain world in which our neighborhoods have shifted in ways we can’t fully grasp. Places, stores, shops have closed. Or have they re-opened? I’m not sure. I had a taste of … Continue reading

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Scene from my life: A story of domestic cruelty

Today we learned about the death of Prince Philip. Postpone your mourning to read this from the Times’ obit by Marylin Berger: Painful, too, for Philip was the revelation that Prince Charles, his oldest son, had let it be known … Continue reading

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