Bank sues customer who didn’t return money that wasn’t his

This one is kind of fun. From today’s Daily News:

Bank to man: Better give us back the 30G

A bank that wired $30,048 to the wrong account has filed suit against the man who received the misdirected dough, alleging he took the money and has failed to pay it back.

Carver Federal Savings Bank was supposed to deposit the money into an account ending with the numbers 9870, but sent it instead to one ending in 9810 that belongs to Nicholson Joseph of Brooklyn, the bank argued in papers filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court last week. The mistake happened a year ago. By the time the bank realized the error, its suit says, Joseph’s personal account had a balance of only $3.34, and a business account for his company, Black Jack Music Group, was emptied.

The bank says Joseph, who could not be reached for comment, has filed to honor an agreement, reached last September, in which he pledged to pay back the money in monthly installments.

–Oren Yaniv

Don’t you just sense that Mr. Joseph thinks he’s really really clever?

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