Bar associations do not disbar lawyers. State court administrations do

Lots of people on Twitter have gotten excited because the New York State Bar Association is working to dump Rudy Giuliani’s membership.

However, as the sub-heading on that linked NBC article makes clear, a bar association does not have jurisdiction over licenses to practice law. The New York State entity that does is the Office of Court Administration.

The New York State court system is divided into Appellate Departments; lawyers seeking to be licensed apply to the appellate division(s) in which they will be practicing. The department in which I assumed Giuliani was registered was the First Department, located in Manhattan (in one of the most beautiful civic buildings anywhere). But when I searched, I did not find him. The search mechanism suggested he might be registered under a different name. I have nothing to say about this, except, “Huh?”

Feel free to search at the links. You might want to peruse the process for filing a grievance against a lawyer.

Or you might have more fun going into my multi-part series — right here on Sidebar for Plaintiffs! — describing how I filed a grievance against a lawyer. The series is called — not very imaginatively — Filing a Grievance Against A Lawyer.

I assume only an aggrieved client can file against a lawyer. So as aggrieved as millions of us are over Giuliani and his incitement to violence on behalf of Trump, I’d think only Trump can file against Rudy.

Oh well. There are other mechanisms.



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