Be still, my beating heart! Voting rights litigation around the country

Got so excited reading this calm and lucid summary of what’s going on around the country, state by state, with voting rights litigation. I.e., anti-gerrymandering and anti-voter ID lawsuits. At least one of these lawsuits–Wisconsin’s Whitford v. Gill–could change everything. Everything, everywhere.

I’d pray if I believed in any kind of god.

These are the ones I’m pinning most of my hopes for the country I thought I lived in, on. (That was a wacky sentence. I mean, dangling prepositions? Let’s see if I can do it the sort of justice expected by my 7th grade English teacher, Mrs. Weiss…):

These are the ones upon which I’m pinning most of my hopes for the country I thought I lived in. (She’s not going to mind that “in” at the end. Not too much, anyway.)

Maybe we should all print out this Brennan Center summary, pin it up on our bulletin boards and follow each case anxiously, eagerly.

2017 could bring rulings in the 13 cases that are currently before the courts. These cases could have significant consequences for upcoming elections and set precedents for how important redistricting issues are handled in the future.

Source: The State of Redistricting Litigation (January 2017 edition) | Brennan Center for Justice

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