Bernie Goetz, hot legal mess

Bernhard Goetz is in a legal battle with his landlord over pet squirrels and with cops over a marijuana arrest.

Source: EXCLUSIVE: Bernhard Goetz in legal fight with landlord, cops – NY Daily News

That’s the abstract from the Daily News, but it doesn’t tell half of the story.

You remember Mr. Goetz, don’t you? No? I’m not going to tell you, so check the Daily News for the background.

Anyhow, I don’t think I’ve ever read a story tangled up with so many, many lawsuits. Goetz’s landlord is — not, one suspects, for the first time — taking him into Housing Court for those squirrels…oh, you didn’t pick up on his pet squirrel fetish? Yes, yes, he has pet squirrel(s), one of which figures into court papers, thusly:

Goetz was “observed washing a wild squirrel in the building’s laundry room.” He allegedly explained that “the squirrel had fleas.”

Oh, and it goes on and on. He’s suing, they’re suing him, he’s suing again–over marijuana–and on and on.

The last paragraph does bring back memories:

Any damages would almost entirely go toward the $45 million civil judgment against him for the subway shooting, a source said.

Those judgments just do stick around, don’t they? Which brings me to something I’ve been asking myself off and on (mostly off) for years: how exactly does Bernie Goetz make a living so that he can afford to live on 14th Street near Union Square?

This character is almost worth traveling downtown to Housing Court again, just to watch how the case plays out.

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