Bernie Sanders and all politicians who decry US interference…

…in other countries’ elections.

It has happened, yes.

But something I’ve been planning to point out about all this criticism — from Bernie Sanders and parts east (as well as Andrew Yang, et al) — about how America has sought to overthrow other countries’ governments. Here are some facts:

The Nicaraguan Sandinista rally which Sanders attended was in 1985. Who was the American president in 1985? What party controlled the American government in 1985?

Salvador Allende, the elected socialist president of Chile, was overthrown and assassinated in 1973, with the help of the United States government. Who was president in 1973? What party controlled the American government in 1973?

In 1953, the elected president of Iran, reformer Mohammed Mossadegh, was overthrown and assassinated to make Reza Pahlavi the autocratic shah. And who engineered and supported the overthrow? Winston Churchill and Eisenhower did. (Eisenhower’s predecessor, Harry Truman, was opposed to this.)

What political party did Eisenhower represent?

Oh, I see.

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