Bewitched by an administration?

I am, that’s me, bewitched.

I can listen all day to the Biden cabinet people, and to Biden himself. Intelligent, purposeful, experienced, professional…et cetera. Wow. I’m in love.

In light of all these wonderful additions to my heretofore very short People I’m Going To Pay Full Attention To list, I read today’s Times story by the excellent veteran reporter, Pulitzer Prize-winner David Sanger, about how the Biden administration has moved into the agencies and, even before the inauguration, even before the confirmed Secretaries have taken over, has been eradicating Trump.

The cleansing began quietly a while ago.

It’s an exciting read for anyone who’s been concerned about how fast Biden will be able to restore our government. Pretty fast, it sounds like.

The article is called, “Biden Team Rushes to Take Over Government, and Oust Trump Loyalists: President Biden named nearly all of his cabinet secretaries and their immediate deputies before he took office, but his real grasp on the levers of power has come several layers down.”

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