“Bieber Faces Felony Egging Charge”… and sues someone else

I am moderately chagrined: Lowering the Bar got this story to me before I managed to clip another one about Bieber from the Daily News.

Nevertheless, it is a story: Bieber Faces Felony Egging Charge – Lowering the Bar. It is certainly worth reading Lowering the Bar’s opening lines (see if you can stifle your laughter):

According to the L.A. Times, the Biebster is one of eight people who were detained this morning while police searched his home, allegedly looking for evidence showing who egged his neighbor’s house last Thursday.

This is ridiculous for lots of reasons.

 First, it involves Justin Bieber.

Second, the crime, such as it is, has been classified as a felony egging because the homeowner claims that the damage to his house was $20,000. From eggs. Hitting a house. “It is a very nice home with an expensive decor,” said a spokesman for the L.A. County Sheriff’s department, who oddly did not follow that statement with “but we don’t really give a &$*# about that.”

And the Daily News reports that “Biebs sues over slam” (which is in my bailiwick. Much more than “egging,” which kind of fits into that category of Can Someone Explain This To Me, as no one yet as done about “pantsing?”

Anyway, here’s the Daily News:

Turns out calling Justin Bieber an “idiot” can be costly.

The singer’s marketing company filed a Manhattan Federal Court suit Friday against a merchandiser for referring to Bieber as an “idiot” on the Internet.

Bravado International Group Merchandising Services says a company called Wall Celebrity breached its agreement to sell vinyl wall graphics of the “Baby” singer by complaining about him publicly, according to the court papers.

Bravado filed the suit on Friday, seeking the unpaid $100,000 and claiming Wall Celebrity head Gianni Giannulli had breached his contract by making the disparaging comments.

Giannuilli did not immediately return a call for comment. — Dareh Gregorian

As I read this, I envisioned vinyl wallpaper covered with Justin Bieber and I was trying to imagine what it’d look like on one of my walls but fortunately it would seem that the vinyl wallpaper isn’t going into production soon. By which time I’ll be thinking about something else.

So this is my Justin Bieber Collection. And it will end here, I do so hope.


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