Big big oops: $1.5M sent in error to money manager, both now missing

A good-spirited headline out of the New York Times, with a marvelous photo of the goofily joyous money manager. Who was sent, by mistake, $1.5 million and now both the money manager and the mistaken buckeroos are no longer available. They are, in short, missing!

It’s a darn mystery, is what it is. Someone should write a book…

You must click on this at the least to see for yourself the expression on the money manager’s face: $1.5 Million Sent in Error to Money Manager Both Are Missing – And the story itself, by Matthew Goldstein, has a drop-deadpan delivery.

And wasn’t it just last week I was advising a friend who had just retired with some money not to give that money to a “financial adviser,” a/k/a money manager?

Wasn’t I? Yes I was. (Oh no: I so hope it wasn’t this money manager and my friend’s money.)

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