Big lawsuit no-no: Utah rock vandal filed disability lawsuit

Must admit I have not been following the Utah rock vandal mishegas but I certainly picked up on this aspect of the story from Daily Kos.

The guy who flung down the ancient rock, yes, that’s how it begins. Well, seems he flung down the ancient rock while prancing around on the rock formation. Name of Glenn Taylor — the rock flinger and prancer.

Well, his “act”, i.e., the flinging and prancing, was video’d and went viral. Don’t ask me why, I barely understand the attraction of viral videos, unless they are about adorable animals doing “awww” things and Glenn Taylor is unquestionably not an adorable animal.

But the thing is, in September Glenn Taylor filed a personal injury lawsuit against a driver who reportedly had rear-ended him. So….

Taylor, the man who is seen actually shoving the rock to the ground, had filed a personal injury lawsuit against a woman and her father for injuries he says he suffered in a 2009 car crash.  Taylor filed the lawsuit at the beginning of September saying that after that accident he injured his back and had to “endure great pain and suffering, disability, impairment, loss of joy of life.”  Taylor also says in the lawsuit that the accident was “debilitating.”

Alan Macdonald says he was surprised when he saw the lawsuit come across his desk.  He says his daughter rear-ended several cars during that accident, Taylor, he says, was one of them.  Macdonald says no one went to the hospital after the crash.  

He says after watching the video that has taken off across the Internet, he thinks Taylor doesn’t look debilitated at all, “he’s climbing over other rocks,” says Macdonald, after watching the tape, “then he lines up, gets leverage and pushes that big old rock several times before he finally pushes it over,” Macdonald continues, “then he turns and twists and high fives and yucks it up and flexes his muscles he just doesn’t look like a terribly disabled person to me.”

Oh, dear, oh, dumb. And the Macdonalds won’t even have to hire a gumshoe to shadow Taylor and take snaps of his big disability. What a very nice discovery exhibit this video will make!

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