Big time evidence of dumbellism in billionaires!

When I saw the headline of this opinion piece by in today’s Times I squealed in glee. It’s an opinion I’ve quietly been propounding and building on for a while now. The Basics: don’t worship billionaires as if they’re geniuses. Because most of them are not. In fact, some of them are stupid — socially, if not intellectually.

Nah, I take that back. Intellectually as well as socially. Many of them. Maybe the $$$ makes them stupid, I don’t know.

Gee, I love this headline so much, I’m going to copy it with its bolding right here:

This Week, Billionaires Made a Strong Case for Abolishing Themselves

Mr. Giridharadas names and eviscerates four gazillionaires. Can you guess which ones?

Squeal along with me. Which you will do as you read the essay.

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