Biggest real estate deal ever: guess who owns one Alabama town?

I’m thinking the outstanding battiness of this, um, news item? I guess so, it’s news, it’s an item — well, anyway, I expect that Kevin Underhill at Lowering the Bar would’ve delivered (I think that’s a pun) this ephiphanically newsworthy thing to me first.

But no. DailyKos did. And just in case you’ve been contemplating relo-ing to Winfield, a town in Alabama, this announcement offers a bigger bang for your buck than a Upper West Side 14-room duplex asking $200,000 on StreetEasy. (Although a local resident is suing the town because — I’m sorry to blow the surprise but — the town made an official resolution that it is now owned by … god. And that resident is, to put it mildly, dubious.)

Can’t imagine what this does to the real estate values. Gotta be more distorting than Russian oligarchs laying out $90 million for penthouses in NYC.

Do read it.

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