Bill Barr, the hearing and facts

I’m listening.

Until a full transcript is released, I can’t comfortably identify facts, and pin down fakes. It goes on too fast for my ears and brain to pin down facts and evidence for statements.

I can often identify political rhetoric, especially when it’s irrelevant to the purpose of the hearing. I can identify political sleaze and political sales jobs. Most striking in that category is how the GOP is dedicated to its myth — that there are violent protests, violent mobs in the cities and these mobs endanger all of us.

This is a myth that conservatives have been propagating for decades, usually blaming Blacks. It’s outrageous and it’s fake. It’s also fascism.

As to all facts emerging from this hearing, I’ll have to read the transcripts.

Here’s what I point out in How I Learned The Facts of Life — in the section about reading newspapers:

But you do need to read the news. While TV is OK for debates, congressional procedures and sports – events that allow us to hear and view the unexpurgated whole scope without distortions – even a sophisticated mind can’t tease and absorb complex facts out of selectively weighted and rapidly delivered TV reportage, let alone pundits jousting and talking over each other.

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