“Billion Dollar Babies”: Gail Collins on the Koch Bros

I have endless love and admiration for Gail Collins, especially because she can always express (my) anger in an improbably delightful way.

Who else could make me laugh about the Koch Brothers? Gail, that’s who.

After her column on what she does not call the Neu Wannsee Boys (well, hell, that is not funny), I can get back to outrage and fear. But before that, you should get as much pleasure and intellectual sustenance out of Gail Collins as I do: Billion Dollar Babies – NYTimes.com.

One of her lines: “Do you think it’s fair to call these guys oligarchs?” And she follows up, with “‘Oligarch’ sounds more interesting than ‘superrich person with undue political influence.'” And then “The Koch brothers have a genius for being politically boring, while plowing vast sums of money into political action groups designed to make it difficult for anybody to make a good estimate of how much they’ve given to promote their goal of, um, saving the country.”

I’d better stop now or I’ll be quoting the whole column right here and I don’t have to because I’ve provided you with the link. As well as a taste.

(And remember: do not buy Quilted Northern, Brawny or some other paper product I can’t recall at the moment but also manufactured by Georgia Pacific.)

P.S. I think I learned how to use that invaluable word “um” from Gail.

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