“Bizarre” lawsuit, sez the Daily News

When the Daily News calls a lawsuit “bizarre,” you know it’s bizarre.

This, via Barbara Ross and Ginger Adams Otis, in yesterday’s paper, is exactly the kind of lawsuit news I’ve been hunting even before Bubba the Love Sponge Clem.

This lawsuit concerns “superstar dancehall artist Sean Paul.” I put that whole phrase in quotes because I’ve never heard of Sean Paul, don’t know what a “dancehall artist” is, wonder whether “artist” is the accurate word to describe a dancehall whatever, but anyway.

The plaintiff, Susanne Persson — described by the Daily News as “suicidal” and her papers as “rambling…full of oddball religious musings and racial comments about Jamaican men” — filed what the Daily News calls a “wacky 126-page” lawsuit, saying she was “‘a jet set slave’ for Sean Paul, and threatened to tell the truth about his ‘lies, murders and erection problems.'”

Okay. Although I’d possibly re-order that accusatory litany. Or maybe not.

Do read on: DANCEHALL BLUES: International music star Sean Paul facing bizarre lawsuit – NY Daily News.

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