“Bombshell lawsuit”: Mets fired pregnant, unmarried executive

True, we can’t know the full story until it’s told. In court. But boy does this read badly: Mets co-owner Jeff Wilpon accused of discrimination against pregnant, unmarried former executive in bombshell lawsuit – NY Daily News.

A woman who was once a top executive in the Mets front office has filed a blockbuster lawsuit accusing team co-owner Jeff Wilpon of discriminating against her because she was pregnant without being married.

Leigh Castergine, who was the first woman to hold the title of senior vice president for ticket sales for the team, says she was rewarded with more than $200,000 in raises and bonuses, but her career went belly-up when she became preggers last year, according to the suit filed Wednesday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

“From the time Castergine announced her pregnancy in September 2013 . . . Wilpon began to humiliate Castergine and disparage her in front of colleagues,” the suit alleges.

It almost seems as if baseball is jealous of all the attention football is getting for the mistreatment of women. So who’s going to win this perverse Super Bowl?

UPDATE 9/13/14. The NYT has weighed in on this story, with a different POV: The Mets Face a Vista of Empty Seats and a Lawsuit Charged With Criticism – NYTimes.com.

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