Breaking (fake) news! New reality TV show…

“Who’s Got The Craziest (Masked) Lawyer?”

Twitter is going nuts today over the Trump legal, uh, cabal? team? each of whom seems to be in fierce competition for the above mentioned title.

I won’t enthrall you with some of the…stuff…being propounded. (Although did you hear the one which has Chief Justice John Roberts entangled in that child sex abuse ring and how there is video?) (And where is Methinks Alan Dershowitz Doth Protest Too Much in all of this? We don’t want to hear from him now but we should. Methinks he protests so eloquently and loquaciously.)

So I figure these lawyers will need employment after this is over — and it will be — because many of them will probably lose their licenses.

Ergo, “Who’s Got The Craziest (Masked) Lawyer?” reality TV show.

I haven’t yet written the pilot script or set up the structure. I’ve only once watched a reality TV show so don’t know how it all works but I threw in the (masked) thing because I’ve noticed from the TV promos that there’s no more simple dancing or singing presentations; everyone is dancing or singing while wearing a mask. It looks hot and uncomfortable. But you and I aren’t going to be wearing them so let’s think of the wonderful masks crazy lawyers could wear!

This is getting more exciting with every word I type.

I’m too excited. Gonna stop now.

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