BREAKING: New way to watch football games!!

Which I just invented. Or, rather, accident invented it and I wandered in.

Due to problems I will not relate, my TV and cable box had quite suddenly refused to speak to each other. So while performing the exacting hi-tech methodology for correcting the difficulty — instead of kicking all devices,* unplug everything and let them sit for a couple of minutes to contemplate their fate if their maestro decides to stop watching TV forever — I put on a favorite CD. Because anyone finagling in the vastness of technology needs nice music.

And happy, humorous music, toe-tapping music: Daniel Hope. Air. a baroque journey. (If Falconieri can’t cheer you up, you’re hopeless.)

So here I was, tapping my toes to Falconieri, even as my cable box was re-booting itself, i.e., recovering from the assault called unplugging.

And then mirabili dictu! — hardly, since unplugging almost always works — on came both my TV and my cable box! So I turned to the football game: Bears versus Lions. Hm.

But Daniel Hope (a violinist who perfectly describes this album as mixing, “the most sophisticated and revolutionary compositions of the day with irresistibly rhythmic, improvisatory, sometimes downright funky dance music”) was playing away. What to do?

I took a quick look at who was calling the game and said, “Oh, shit, it’s Romo,” so much better as a quarterback than a network yammerer –especially because he could be relied upon, in the last 43 seconds of a tight game, to throw an interception into the end zone.

So I muted Tony Romo and found that watching a football game while listening to Baroque music is irresistibly rhythmic, improvisatory and sometimes downright funky.

*My mother once kicked in our TV because we were sneaking away from the kitchen dinner table to watch some show and she hated TV. TV got sent to the shop; we didn’t have one for a week.


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