Breaking! Ronna McDaniel to host new “reality TV” NBC show!!


Here’s how it will play:

Ronna will hand-pick the contestants from her touted experience among the top echelon of Trumpists — proven liars, every single one of them. A difficult job for Ronna, because there are so, so many of them. How to choose? What criteria will she apply to filter out the worst? Or the best?

Really exciting as we watch her struggle with this task.

After Ronna chooses the liars, she’ll introduce them to the rigors of the show: they will be competing to come up with the biggest, most sensational, most creative lie.

A demanding show with a devilish twist: each celebrity liar will have to attest that his/her lie, no matter how complex, is entirely fact-free. (Which may itself be a lie.) The other contestants will challenge each other by interrogating the lie for its absolute purity.

Then Ronna will bring in a surprise (!) guest interrogator (heretofore “GI”) like, say, Jim Jordan. As an extra frisson, the GI might be not only a guest interrogator but a guest of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. (This show will be packed with surprises.)

It will be the biggest, most beautiful, most perfect reality TV show ever! (Yeah, I should have typed that in CAPS but by this time in our recent horrible history you all envision CAPS everywhere anyhow, so go on, do your envisioning while I finish my coffee.)



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