Brief notes from a plague town

I’ve discovered a new exercise regimen accommodating to isolation and social distancing. I’m not going to tell you about it because I don’t assume anyone should or will pay attention to what I’m doing, or that anyone should assume I’m telling them what they should be doing. You know, Bossy Bessie, I am not.

Also, I’m not describing the details because I don’t know if it’ll be a keeper and how embarrassing would that be? Running into someone who tells me, “OMG that exercise regimen you insisted I try is WONDERFUL! Look at me, I mean — I’ve lost 80 pounds, my cheeks are rosy, my thighs are ripped, I’ve developed immunities to everything. I can’t thank you enough.”

Cooking and food have become intense concentrations for a lot of us. And it’s about all we have to talk about. It’s not an Event, per se, but it is a subject of chatter. So I’ve cooked and I’ve frozen and I’ve cooked and frozen…

Just took a plastic storage container out of my freezer. I peered into the see-through top. It looks like…frozen…something. I don’t know what it is. Maybe a stew, maybe a bean dish. No idea. I suppose I could have put an identifying label on it but why? I cooked it for me, I guess whatever it is, I’ll appreciate that someone made it especially for me.

My cousin, Naomi The Younger, MCRP, has been working with GIS,  a high-powered geographical mapping program, and asked some of us to give her an assignment, possibly something to do with our immediate neighborhoods. I thought about this for a couple of days and asked her if she’d do a map of Manhattan indicating all the parks and green spaces, including the secret ones.

She did and it’s marvelous. More than marvelous: it’s a purpose in my life far beyond cooking and freezing. I’m going to print out the map and search out all the parks, some of which are rather surprising. And as a bonus, if I do a lot of (fast) walking around the nabe, I might be able to curtail my new exercise regimen.

I did tell you I wasn’t sure whether the new exercise regimen (hereafter NER — I’m kidding about this part) would stick, didn’t I?


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