Bronx restaurant sued for Hepatitis A outbreak

It’s a class action lawsuit, I’m not sure why. On the other hand, I don’t know how many people define a class. Three, ten, five thousand?

Anyway, we all read the news about how a worker at a Bronx restaurant (sushi) spread Hepatitis A among some diners and we did all suspect this would turn into a lawsuit. And so it did: Class action suit filed against Bronx restaurant for Hepatitis A outbreakĀ  – NY Daily News. It begins:

A Bronx restaurant that served “sushi pizza” with a side of Hepatitis A has been hit with a class action lawsuit.

Lisa Ann Imperati and “all those similarly situated” are seeking unspecified damages from the owners of the New Hawaii Sea Restaurant on Williamsbridge Rd., according to court papers filed in New York State Supreme court.

First, what is “sushi pizza?” And why would anybody want to order it from a menu? And, really, I don’t think I’d eat at a place named New Hawaii Sea Restaurant. No, I’m not blaming the diners for getting themselves exposed to Hep A. I’m blaming them for having lousy judgment about food.

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