Bryan Singer sexual abuse lawsuits

Twice in one day I get to write that it’s unusual for the NYT to get in on a story like this before the Daily News does: Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Are Expected to Expand –

The Times first reported this story about “X-Men” producer Bryan Singer, a/k/a the Defendant, a couple of weeks ago.

But the Daily News is no slouch. It may be a day or so late, but unlike the Times − and I am SO grateful to the Times − the DN provides all the naughty bits in its gossip column coverage: ‘X-Men’ director Bryan Singer’s sex-driven parties drew a raunchy crowd, say insiders – NY Daily News. And I am SO grateful to the Daily News, whose story begins:

“X-Men” producer Bryan Singer has been hit with a second sexual lawsuit — and a source tells Confidenti@l that Singer’s sex-fueled pool parties were such a hot ticket for young gay men new to Hollywood that a 2005 episode of Showtime’s “Queer as Folk” was secretly based on the bashes.

“An entire episode, number 501, about gay-sex pool parties, was based on Bryan. He was that notorious,” a source close to the production tells Confidenti@l. “It’s about him picking up young boys and promising them fame in L.A.”

This is why I read both papers every day.





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