BTW, did you notice the Taliban are moving into Israel?

How many paragraphs of an August 11 New York Times article on how orthodox Jews are literally pushing women off public transportation did I read before I started yelling?

I think I got as far as the excerpt below. Let’s have a contest. How far did you get before you yelled? Or threw up?

The trains from Tel Aviv were packed one evening last month when Inbal Boxerman, a 40-year-old mother of two, was blocked by a wall of men as she tried to board. One of them told her that women were not allowed on — the car was for men only.

Ms. Boxerman was stunned. It was a public train operated by Israel Railways, and segregated seating is illegal in the country. The men stopping her appeared to be protesters going home from a rally supporting the governing coalition, which includes extremist religious and far-right parties pushing for more sex segregation and a return to more traditional gender roles.

“I said, ‘For real?’” said Ms. Boxerman, who works in marketing. “And my friend came up and she also said, ‘Are you for real?’ But they just laughed and said, ‘Wait for the next train — you can sit in the way back.’ And then the doors slammed shut.”

Oh, and about calling them the Taliban? Do not argue with me.

I don’t care what religion these hopeless men proclaim as the word of somebody’s god. Religious fundamentalism of any kind is sick and its purpose is to control women. Women should walk out and leave these boys alone, playing with their monstrous misogyny.

P.S. How many times have I shaken my head at Israelis for allowing Orthodox Judaism to take over what should have been secular governance? I’m now officially well beyond head-shaking.

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