Can I call this animal news? Trump’s new media thing is having problems

Perhaps you’ve been aware enough — or paranoid enough — to have heard that Trump, furious over being dumped by Twitter, has started his own media social venture thing.

This is not the Trump blog thing he started a while ago which got such a pitiful readership he canceled the whole business. No, this one is called Truth Social or something like that, and it’s somehow made a public offering and somehow has gotten investments…when I first read this, I thought, “Boy, are you guys schmucks. Investing in a Trump business?”

But never mind them. They’ll lose their money. Because no one associated with Trump knows anything about running an actual, effective business.

To wit: today, Bellingcat just send me this item about Trump’s “Truth” venture:

Former US President, Donald Trump, has long talked about setting up his own social media company after being banned from mainstream platforms. Yet his newly announced outlet, Truth Social, has not had the best of starts, as noted by the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Daily Dot. Pranksters were reportedly able to claim the handles @donaldtrump, @realdonaldtrump and @donaldjtrump after an open sign up page was discovered despite the platform not being set for beta launch until next month. The newly minted @donaldjtrump account quickly posted pictures of a pig defecating.

The pig. That’s the animal news part.

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