Can Jesse Ventura BE defamed? He thinks so

Remember Jesse Ventura? Sure you do, although maybe you don’t want to.

Still, he’s back in the news, suing a writer for defaming him. The story involves a disputed fight in a bar. The writer, an ex-Navy Seal, is dead but that doesn’t stop ole Jesse: the lawsuit has simply moved onto the writer’s widow.

Aside from reminding all of us that even the entire fine state of Minnesota can go through a psychotic phase and elect, um, him, this Times article gives a pretty good definition of defamation, especially when the defamee is de-fam-oose. (There are different standards, but you knew that.)

Some of the comments made by Ventura’s lawyer are, let us say, dubious. In my opinion. Without any malice whatsoever.

So here’s the article, with a nice color pic of Jesse: Ex-Governor, Suing Over Book, Is Back in Minnesota‚Äôs Spotlight –

UPDATE, 7/17/14. Wow, the New York Times is avidly pursuing this story, with a follow-up on Jesse’s trial testimony (I hadn’t realized this case had advanced to the trial stage). Ex-Governor, Suing Over Book, Faces His Own Words –

It’s a solid piece and a neat critique on what happens when a celebrity with a long record of words, etc., gets on the witness stand.

UPDATE 7/30/14. I am SO surprised: Jesse Ventura wins $1.8 million in defamation case over ‘American Sniper’ book |

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