Can the European Union do anything to defend Ukraine?

We’re all fairly sure we know what NATO can and can’t do. One thing it won’t do is defend nations that are not members of the organization, like Ukraine.

But the European Union is a separate organization. What can it do for its members?

Knowing nothing about the EU, I was prompted to wonder about this when a couple of weeks ago, Zelensky publicized that Ukraine was applying for emergency status with the EU, and apparently the EU could provide some defense help.

Never gonna happen, said a cousin who knows a lot about the EU. They don’t move quickly at all and several members will reject the Ukrainian application.

Well, it’s happening. Leaders of the EU have announced they will be expediting Ukraine’s application for membership.

All to the good, even though it may take some time. (The word “expediting” seems to be somewhat flexible.) But that got me thinking: does the EU have any article or rule of something stating what it will/can do for a member nation?

Well, yes, it does. As soon as I get myself accredited as an international law expert (ha ha), I will offer an authoritative interpretation of what follows which, as a semi-accredited, if shallow, Google-capable snoop, I pulled from the European Union’s web site:

Protecting citizens and freedoms

Ensuring effective control of the EU’s external borders and further developing a comprehensive migration policy. Fighting terrorism and cross-border/online crime, increasing the EU’s resilience against both natural and man-made disasters.

Hmm. A couple of items in there suggestive of hope.





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