Can there be good news? Yes

Congress moves to bar Russian energy imports and end favorable trade relations. High speed. Senator Mark Warner says the ban could come in the next few days.

The Kyiv woman who was reported to have downed a Russian drone off her balcony by whacking it with a jar of pickled cucumbers has corrected the news reports. Her weapon was not a jar of pickled cucumbers; it was a jar of pickled tomatoes.

From a U.S. Pentagon official report on the situation in Ukraine: “In the airspace, we continue to observe that the airspace over Ukraine is contested. Ukrainian air and missile defenses remain effective and in use. The Ukrainian military continues to fly aircraft and to employ air defense assets.”

EU speeding up their green plan by about a decade – EU Aims to Cut Russia Gas Dependence by Almost 80% This Year — as tweeted by Stephanie Ruhle. I’m liking this; it confirms my sense that rationing (or whatever you’d like to call this) in wartime leads to quickened progress in areas human beings have been lollygagging over.

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