Can you bear another Trump pathology? It’s necrophilia

This is one of those “many years ago, I read…” things. So…

Many years ago, when I was reading biographies of Hitler, I learned that (1) he could be called a necrophiliac and (2) necrophilia, literally “love of death,” was a pathology covering more than having one-way sex with dead bodies.

Pulling out my old psychiatric dictionary is not particularly helpful here since it defines “necrophilia” as “A sexual perversion, whose condition is that the love object…must be dead before orgasm can be achieved.”

The dictionary does better with “necrophilism: A morbid desire to be in the presence of dead bodies.”

But, thanks to the brilliance of Erich Fromm and John D. Mayer, I broadened and deepened my conception of necrophilia to see Trump as its overt carrier. He doesn’t disguise his love of death. He cheers it on.

Trump does not try to mitigate the number of deaths from COVID-19 because he loves them. He finds no power in saving people from death. He finds his power in the mounting death toll. They have died at his hands. Unlike any rational leader who would suffer guilt for the mass death of his people, Trump is crazy with triumph.

I’d think this power charge he gets from the deaths he sees before him is also erotic. I’d think his sexual potency has been diminishing along with his mental capacities for years and the only erotic pulse he gets is destruction.

As his niece, Mary Trump, said of him, “Donald is a very sick man. He’s never going to get better. He’s only going to get worse. And if it suits his purposes he will take this entire country down with him.”

If it happens — and I don’t believe it will — it will surely be Trump’s last orgasm.



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