Can you deduct that from your taxes?

This isn’t about law, not really, but I got such a kick out of it, I want you to share my pleasure. From today’s Daily News, via writer Ginger Adams Otis:

Deducting a few IQ points

With April 15 looming, it’s worth pointing out a few things to taxpayers: No, you can’t deduct your daughter’s wedding as a business expense, your dog is not a dependent and you can’t write off your tattoos as a medical expense.

These and other crazy claims wound up on TurboTax’s 2013 list of most outrageous IRS deductions—like the guy in New Jersey who thought he could write off the oxygen bubble he built around his house to protect him and his clan from pollution.

His auditor had a good enough sense of humor that his deduction was laughed off—no penalties included.

Then there was the taxpayer who hired an arsonist to burn down his failing business—and tried to write off the $10,000 fee.

If you’re involved in illegal activities, it’s probably not a good idea to itemize, says TurboTax. That’s how a marijuana grower got his farm seized.

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