Carnegie Deli divorce lawsuit news!

And it’s good news for those of us who have been pining for a Carnegie Deli sandwich. (Mostly for the shock to the lethargic system when we see the size of the sandwich as it is brought to our table. Similar shock to that paused moment at the top of Coney Island’s Cyclone rollercoaster, when time stops and you get to peer directly down at the cliff where, you have now realized, to no avail, you don’t want to be going.)

Anyhow, this Daily News item suggests that with the resolution of the divorce, the restaurant may be opening again.

The couple behind the famed Carnegie Deli have reached a financial agreement that keeps their ugly, bitter divorce from going to trial.

Source: Carnegie Deli owner and husband reach divorce agreement

Since I know you love Daily News puns as much as I do, the brilliant hard copy headline for this story is: “Cut the baloney.” And the first couple of sentences of the story are:

These deli owners have settled their beef.

After years of treating each other like chopped liver…

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