Carnegie Deli lawsuit: “HORNED BEEF ON LIE!”

That above is the brilliant Daily News headline, followed by the sub-head, “Carnegie owner: Hubby gave lover a deal.”

The story, by Dareh Gregorian, has absolutely everything you’d want in a juicy (oops, accidental pun…or maybe not; is pastrami juicy?) lawsuit story: wronged wife Marian Levine, who didn’t know she was wronged for thirteen years; hubby (Sanford Levine) who gave too-cheap apartment ($975 a month rent-stabilized forever) above the (Carnegie) deli to his mistress (Penkae Siricharoen); but Marian owns the deli and the entire building the deli and the mistress are in; and Sanford only works there — until recently; and…

So okay. It’s fun. Read on: Carnegie Deli owner alleges that husband gave mistress sweet deal on Seventh Ave. apartment – NY Daily News.

My favorite line in this entire story comes toward the end, after you’ve read about this mess of a marriage. It says, “The status of the Levines’ relationship is unknown.”

UPDATE 3/22/14 In today’s Daily News: Carnegie Deli owner Marian Harper Levine slapped her husband, his girlfriend and her stepdaughter Friday with a new lawsuit claiming that they have conspired for the last decade to steal at least $10 million from her personal and corporate accounts.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Levine says her husband, Sanford Levine, started withdrawing funds in 2000 from the business and her personal bank, brokerage and other accounts. — Barbara Ross

This is bitter!

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