Catching up on recent lawsuits

If I hadn’t had a really bad cold virus (the new ones are jolly: they have migrated from double-dipping to three-peats), I’d be up to date. Instead, I’m catching up. While coughing. (I can highly recommend Kleenex’s extra soft tissue. Indeed, I’ve become so dependent upon it, I seem to have stripped my local Duane Reade of their entire supply.)

Another lawsuit against the NYPD. Two livery cab passengers are suing in federal court, for “separate episodes in 2010 in which each was ordered out of a livery cab, then detained and searched.” Unfortunately for the NYPD, one man is a radio executive, and the other a lawyer.

Another unpleasant incident and false arrest is causing a Brooklyn woman to sue Rite Aid. When you read the article, you get a bad feeling that the same thing could easily happen to you. All your logical explanations would also be ignored.

Still, I’d rather be in New York than in Wyoming. Wyoming, “with its growing oil, gas and mining industries, is one of the most dangerous places in the United States to work.” The state’s “work sites lacked … a culture of safety.” Read Report Blames Safety Lapses for Deaths at Wyoming Job Sites –

And see “Charlie Morgan’s Battle,” by the New York Times’s Dorothy Samuels, about how the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act so miserably wrongs gays. As Morgan herself, suffering from a recurrence of cancer, says: “‘I have a question I’d like to ask John Boehner…’ taking note of the House speaker’s decision to spend taxpayer money for lawyers to defend the act. ‘I’ve proved I’m willing to put my life on the line for my country. When will he allow the military to protect my family?'”



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