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Movements are afoot

For a while now I’ve been picking up on movements that have advanced from inchoate mutterings to full voice plans and plots. I’m liking this a lot. Aside from the already written vital legislation which got stopped, i.e., postponed, by … Continue reading

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Again I ask: does Big Dark Money work?

Well, gee, apparently not if you hand all that money to Senator Rick Scott to spend on the upcoming elections. It’s so odd. Back in his previous incarnation as a health company oligarch, Scott defrauded Medicare of a ton of … Continue reading

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What were they thinking?

No need to wonder about Trump. He’s a stupid, ignorant man. (You can fill in the long list of his other, uh, attributes, by yourselves.) But the big question I’m now asking, the one that has succeeded the “Why did … Continue reading

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