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Where have all the memes gone? Short time passin’

It has just occurred to me I’ve forgotten what a “meme” is. And the reason I’ve forgotten? How long has it been since you saw the word “meme” or an example of one of ’em used on social or anti-social … Continue reading

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Scenes from my life: “So, nothing much has been going on”

Whenever I get a phone call or make one, it often begins with me saying, “Nothing much has been going on.” I used to have lots to say – especially when I was out there in the world, working for … Continue reading

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Animal news! NYC is coming back to life and work

On the way to meet a friend for lunch, I saw two men walking dogs. OK, you say, so what? Here’s the what: between the two of them, they were handling twenty or more dogs. The dog pack was remarkably … Continue reading

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