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How crazy-bad are people getting?

From Harper’s Weekly Review: The Election and COVID [E]lection officials in Sacramento County, California, pleaded with voters to stop disinfecting their mail-in ballots. The Holocaust …a high school principal in Boca Raton, Florida, who was fired after saying that he … Continue reading

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An autumn day in one masked life

Human beings seem to be remarkably adaptable. That is, I seem to be remarkably adaptable. Since March, I have been wearing a surgical mask (the ugly blue one) whenever I leave my apartment, which I do nearly every day to … Continue reading

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Who has signed up for the “herd immunity” barricades?

From Harper’s Weekly Review: A much-publicized open letter endorsing herd immunity as a response to COVID-19 was found to have been signed by a number of homeopaths and fictitious medical professionals, including Dr. Johnny Bananas and another whose name was … Continue reading

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