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Putin aces the Art of the Steal

From Harper’s Weekly Review: Boris Vishnevsky, a Russian opposition politician who [was] up for reelection this month, cried foul when two of his opponents changed their names and appearances to match his. This should give GQP candidates pause. How about … Continue reading

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The god problem? Fear of women

As I was scrolling down the Times, I stopped at this — an article about Amber Adler, an Orthodox Jewish woman who ran for New York’s City Council. She is shocked at the bilious reaction she got from mostly males … Continue reading

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How vile is slander? This vile

Vice hath not, I believe, a more abject slave; society produces not a more odious vermin; nor can the devil receive a guest more worthy of him, nor possibly more welcome to him, than a slanderer. The world, I am … Continue reading

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