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Mysteries of Life: How many lawyers will be going down for Trump?

Earlier today I read that Trump’s lawyer, Todd Blanche, was reprimanded harshly by Justice Merchan for making an “outrageous” statement during Blanche’s summation. As the Times wrote, “Merchan is clearly furious, and reminds Blanche, and not for the first time, … Continue reading

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About all these protests…

I think protests are fine, a virtual necessity and sign of become adult and sharing the responsibilities and concerns of their fellow citizens and our immediate world. Don’t kill or main anybody and you’re good with me.* But I have … Continue reading

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Dear everyone who’s pissed at the New York Times

At least twice a week I see piss-off posts over the New York Times while I scroll down TAFKAT. A number of greatly intelligent journalists and lawyers — I wouldn’t be following them otherwise — have taken up the righteous … Continue reading

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