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What Trump actually says at his “rallies”

A lot of ordinary citizens are infuriated that the New York Times and, in general, mainstream news media are not accurately covering the presidential campaign. The Times is raking over Biden with misleading headlines, seemingly deliberately trying to gin up … Continue reading

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The war on women approaches its final battle. Why we will win

When I get together with friends nowadays, we talk about what’s going on. Of course. Oddly, though, when we bring up the November election, we say in quiet voices, “I hope women will be out voting in force,” almost as … Continue reading

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Getcha election news here! Getcha election news here!

Harper’s Weekly Review has a bang-up summary of elections around the world: “surprise” and “befuddlement” are the apt words: French media expressed surprise at the success of a left alliance forged in the country‚Äôs snap election, after weeks of polling … Continue reading

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