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I’ve been thinking about Boris Savinkov

In all my reading of Russian lit and history, I’ve never come upon a character like Boris Savinkov. Even now, months after finishing a fine, massive biography of Savinkov by Vladimir Alexandrov, I find it difficult to accept that he … Continue reading

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Want to trigger civil unrest in the UK? Here’s a tip

Thanks to Harper’s January Findings, I know the best way to rouse the UK to civil unrest. Before I tell you, though (actually, before I quote Harper’s which will tell you), why don’t you take a guess at what would … Continue reading

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SCOTUS apoplexy for a couple of days. Then what?

Let us count the ways SCOTUS has, in the past couple of years, roused a majority of us citizens to a towering rage. Let us also count the groups of enraged citizens. Let us, but first… A few days ago … Continue reading

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