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What are scientists underestimating? Not what you think

From Harper’s August 2021 Findings: Scientists have been underestimating the tree farts of ghost forests. Well, this will certainly cause me to….wait, what are tree farts and what are ghost forests? That can’t be a rhetorical question. Not with the … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on neighborhood dogs

Last week I had lunch with Wendl and Barry, a couple of dear, long-time friends (“couple,” meaning both two of them and married) at a local Indian restaurant. Conversation turned to dogs. I’ve been noticing for several years that a … Continue reading

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The god problem? Fear of women

As I was scrolling down the Times, I stopped at this — an article about Amber Adler, an Orthodox Jewish woman who ran for New York’s City Council. She is shocked at the bilious reaction she got from mostly males … Continue reading

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