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“…organized depravity”

“I doubt whether from the beginning of the world until now, a community, nominally civilized, has been so fully under the domination of systematic and organized depravity…the most atrocious organization that the civilized part of the world has ever known.” … Continue reading

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Animal news: Winnie the Pooh, certain spies and…those zebras

More news: a “honeypot” strategy. Or am I wrong about honeypots and spies? Is the label “honeytrap?” Someone who reads and re-reads David Cornwell should not make this mistake. Those zebras must have confused me.

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I don’t know much about weather but I can spot clouds

Something may be happening on the Upper West Side, or, rather, in the West Side sky over 74th Street and some parts north. I don’t know how far north this happening may go because I can’t see further than 74th … Continue reading

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