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Religion screws everything up. Plus scones

Yesterday, an old friend and her son came for a visit. I made medium-high tea, i.e., little sandwiches and scones. No cakes; my friend is diabetic. I haven’t made scones in many a year. I used to make good scones, … Continue reading

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Madness abounds. I’ve stopped asking “why”

Ever since 2016, I’ve been defaulting to the question, “Why?” whenever I hear inexplicable irrationality. When a cousin announced she’d voted for Trump, my immediate response was, “Why?” Since no one person gave me anything like a reasonable answer, I … Continue reading

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Movements are afoot

For a while now I’ve been picking up on movements that have advanced from inchoate mutterings to full voice plans and plots. I’m liking this a lot. Aside from the already written vital legislation which got stopped, i.e., postponed, by … Continue reading

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