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The god problem: One New York Times reader comments on Alito and Roe

In response to a characteristically fine column on Alito and federalism by Jamelle Bouie, a frequent Times commenter wrote this: Anyone convinced that a human fetus is inserted with a soul by God at the moment of conception, and that … Continue reading

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Things are happening

♥ From TPM, “A Justice Department investigation into ex-President Donald Trump and White House staffers’ handling of 15 boxes of classified documents that were taken to Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida at the end of his presidency is now reportedly … Continue reading

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Another good news thing

♥ From Kevin Underhill’s LoweringTheBar: The man who lied to get a COVID disaster-relief loan and then used $58,000 of it to buy a Pokémon card has been sentenced to three years in prison, the DOJ announced in March. Estimates … Continue reading

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